A downloadable soundtrack

This is my submission for the 3-day composer jam hosted by Monster & Co. I didn't start until Sunday morning (at 1 AM haha) and nearly pulled an all-nighter because I procrastinated. But then PLOT TWIST there was an extension. I still decided to finish my piece within the same day because...why not. It's cool to see what you can do within 24 hours!

I went for the Ghibli-esque style at first, but then afterwards it kind of went in its own direction so...c'est la vie.

Anywho, you can see the jam and the criteria for the music here: https://itch.io/jam/composer-jam

You can check out the other submissions, too. There's some great work!

And here's the Soundcloud link to my track: https://soundcloud.com/lxp_music/wondrous

Hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun writing it!


Wondrous 36 MB